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I don’t see any suds. Will it clean?Updated 3 months ago

Yes! Our laundry sheets contain anionic surfactants which means they have a positive and negative charge on either end of the molecule (Surfactants are found in all detergents).

The head is negatively charged and the tail is positively charged. The molecules will surround a dirt particle, break it up, and force it away from the fabric surface, holding it in suspension in the water until it’s rinsed away.

Suds don’t equal cleaning power, but a lot of people think they do. On a psychological level people like to see something happening, but all you’re seeing is soap molecules trapping air in spherical pockets.

Regardless, many commercial and soap manufacturers add chemicals specifically to create bubbles throughout washing, just to satisfy people when they look in their machine. 😊♻️♻️

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