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What are the Eco Booster and Dishwasher Packs bags made of?Updated 3 months ago


Our bags for the oxy boosters and dishwasher tabs are made with PLA. PLA is made from renewable sources, such as starch (e.g. corn, potatoes, etc.), soy protein, cellulose, and lactic acid, it is compostable, but this process is only considered “composted” when 3 criteria are met: ... The PLA fully disintegrates, and the compost supports plant growth.

The membranes for the pods are made with PVA, the same binding agent we use in our laundry sheets! PVA is a biodegradable polymer used as our proprietary binding agent that evenly dissolves in the wash. It's created from plants and is all natural. It is safe for humans, animals, and marine life. PVA is commonly used as a contact lens lubricant. That’s how safe it is!

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