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Why don't my clothes come out with a scent?Updated a year ago

Well… first, let’s make it clear that a “clean” smell doesn’t mean something is actually clean. You can saturate the shirt you take off tonight with perfume or cologne, and it will probably smell good, but that doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Even though our Fresh Linen sheets are lightly fragranced, your clothes will come out of a wash cycle with little or no fragrance. Here’s why – as part of our patent and proprietary technology, our sheet is completely water soluble, down to the molecule, and as a result, your clothing completely absorbs our detergent, but it also completely rinses out during the rinse cycle, along with all the dirt and dead skin cells.


When your clothes come out with a fragrance, that means the chemicals and toxins in popular detergents, as well as the dirt and grime didn’t completely rinse out of your clothes. As a result, you wind up wearing those chemicals and toxins around all day. With our detergent sheets, you get clean clothes with nothing left behind.


If you want your clothes to come out with a fragrance, try our scent boosters. They are specially formulated (and patented!) to leave a lasting fragrance in your clean clothes for up to 12 weeks.

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