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Do you offer Carbon Neutral Shipping?

Thank you for looking to improve the environment, look at you go ROCK STAR!. Yes! We do have carbon Neutral Shipping. This is why there may be times that your package goes places that does not make sense before it reaches your destination!. We do shi

Where are Sheets products made?

Most of our products are made in the states... WI, KY, GA, and NC. We do supplement a bit from China to keep up with the demand (laundry sheets). Every product is made under our patented formulation and all batches are tested for consistency. We unde

What is Sheets doing to help reduce single use plastic?

Here at Sheets Laundry Club, we are doing EVERYTHING we can to reduce single use plastic. Our products are all made with sustainable ingredients and packaged in recyclable materials.

Can I purchase Sheets products in store at a retail location?

Yes, you can purchase Sheets products at all Harris Teeter and Meijer locations.

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