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Does Sheets Laundry Club use Petroleum-based plastics?Updated 3 months ago

No, Sheets only use PLA in our packaging, we do not use any single-use plastics  made from chemicals that come from the production of planet-warming fuels (gas, oil and even coal or crude oil) . Petroleum-based plastics may be fragmented, but cannot naturally break down  due to their profound stability, this means that all plastic that has ever been produced and has ended up in the environment is still present there in one form or another.

Sheets Laundry Club uses an 8 oz Biodegradable Kraft Stand Up Pouch that is a certified-- 100% Biodegradable & Compostable! That means you will be helping the environment by creating less waste!

This bag is made of 2 layers -- Paper, & PLA, this layer will provide a high-barrier protection from oxygen and moisture. This bag includes a zipper that is also 100% Biodegradable & Compostable!

PLA is derived from plant-based renewable resources and can be composted by industrial means. Further, studies have shown that the production of PLA consumes 65% less energy and produces substantially fewer greenhouse gases than are produced by conventional plastics.

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