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Is there a transition period when switching to a Solid Shampoo Bar?Updated a year ago

Many of our customers have no break- in period. However, those with damaged hair, heavily treated hair, or hair with lots of residue and build-up do experience a transitional period when switching to natural hair care products. Typical transition period issues can include:

 Increased tangles or frizz

A weird waxy feeling

Dry or oily feeling scalp (even bouncing between the two extremes on various days)

Yes! It will go away, and your hair will be much better for it. It’s happening because your lovely locks have been addicted to chemical-laden shampoo. They are now detoxing… literally freaking out and going through withdrawal while learning to live a natural life. Once the detox is complete, you’ll be rewarded with healthy, and silky soft hair that requires less maintenance than you thought possible.

An apple cider rinse following the bar shampoo aids with manageability & leaves the hair soft & beautifully shiny & full. Apple cider vinegar removes build-up from the hair & restores a proper PH to the scalp. To do the rinse put 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup & add approximately 8oz of warm water from the shower. Rinse immediately or leave on the scalp while you finish your shower & then rinse out completely. You may smell the vinegar in the shower, but once your hair is dry, the vinegar smell will dissipate.

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