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Solid Shampoo Bar

Are they natural?

They are made with natural ingredients. The ingredients are listed under the product page for you to check each shampoo’s ingredients list.

Are they safe for sensitive skin?

They are made with natural ingredients. We urge you to look in the ingredients of each formula. We are all different and react differently to each ingredient.

How do you use the Shampoo Bar?

Using the fingertips, massage into the scalp & leave on while you finish your shower. Rinse out completely. If you normally use conditioner, apply it on the hair avoiding the scalp area. An apple cider rinse following the bar shampoo aids with manage

Is there a transition period when switching to a Solid Shampoo Bar?

Many of our customers have no break- in period. However, those with damaged hair, heavily treated hair, or hair with lots of residue and build-up do experience a transitional period when switching to natural hair care products. Typical transition per

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