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Subscription Questions

How do I change my billing and shipping address?

On desktop:. On mobile/phone:

I have too much product and have another shipment coming soon!

Too Much, No Problem! You can easily skip your next shipment, change your next shipment date, and adjust your frequency from your My Subscription page. Just log into your account and head to the My Subscriptions page. The power is at your fingertips!

Can I change my subscription frequency?

Absolutely! We make changing frequency a breeze!

How do I edit my next shipment date on my subscription?

If you only want to post pone your shipment by a week or two, you can use the “Change Date” and set the next renewal date from the calendar that pops up.

Can I skip my next shipment?

You Bet!!! If you are not ready for a shipment yet, no problem. By hitting the Skip Order button you are skipping your renewal until the next frequency (shipping date). If you only want to post pone your shipment by a week or two, you can use the “Ch

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are so sorry that you are not happy with our sustainable products and want to leave. You will be missed! Please drop us a line and let us know how we can improve for the future. To cancel your subscription, please log in to your account. Go to the

I didn’t mean to sign up for a subscription! What should I do?

Didn't mean to sign up for a subscription?. No problem, just log into your account, go to your subscription and hit the “cancel subscription” button next to each product. If you had a renewal that was already shipped out to you and you do not want it

Can I swap scents on my subscription?

Yes, you sure can! We do have a few items that you are able to swap scents. This can be done on all single items. The bundles and scent booster variety pack do not have this option. (we are working on getting this updated as well).

How do I add a product to my subscription?

Great question! Thanks for you wanting to save on packing materials and emission!. There may be a few items that are not eligible to be added. In this case, you can make a separate order for the item. At check out you will be able to add a note that

Do I have to sign up for a subscription plan?

NO WAY JOSE!!!!. We aren’t one of those companies that trap you in a subscription right away! You do not have to sign up for the subscription. You can choose the ONE TIME DELIVERY option on any product page.

What if I run out of something before my next box ships?

Not a problem! If you run out before your next renewal just log into your account. Head to the My Subscriptions icon. Once in your subscription, hit 'Send Now'. This will get an order processed for you early. Note: The system will change your next re

I thought I was on an automatic renewal program. What happened?

Oh NO! We are so sorry that you have not gotten your order as planned. Please reach out to our customer service team at [email protected]. We will be happy to look deeper into this issue for you and get an order out as soon as we can!

Help! I’m running low, and I need a shipment now.

Running low? That will never do!!! You can send your shipment now:. This will get an order processing for you. Please only hit the Send Now button once or you could have a double order on your hands!. It can take 5-10 minutes to get an order process